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Saturday, 31 Oct 2020
Room 1

Asia Pacific Innovation Symposium
09:00 - 10:30Chairmans: Kenneth ELLENBOGEN
George KLEIN
Series of unknown device electrograms and discussionRaymond SY (Australia)
Best practices—diagnostic/AF management ,improvements in diagnostic tools and screeningStewart HEALY

Breakthrough Device-Based Therapies for Intermediate & Advanced Heart Failure
10:50 - 12:20Chairmans: Chi-Keong CHING (Singapore)
David SIM (Singapore)
Panelists: Tae-Hoon KIM (Republic of Korea)
Azmee BIN (Malaysia)
Wei HUA (China)
Cardiac contractility modulation (CCM®) therapy – clinical overview & target patient profileWilliam ABRAHAM (USA)
The cardiac contractility modulation (CCM®) implant procedure – real world experience & expectationsJuergen KUSCHYK (Germany)

Diagnostic & Remote Monitoring
12:40 - 14:10Chairmans: Eiichi WATANABE (Japan)
Sofian JOHAR
Cardiac diagnostic evidence & indicationsA M KARTHIGESAN (India)
Unlock the answersl reveal LINQReginald LIEW (Singapore)
Evolving diagnostic landscape and way aheadBalbir SINGH (India)
Stroke and AF: diagnosis and managementPipin KOJODJOJO (Singapore)
Remote monitoring: drive efficiency to manage CIED patientsAparna JASWAL (India)

Latest Evidence and Practical Points on Selection of NOAC with Special Population
14:30 - 16:00Chairmans: Thoranis CHANTRARAT (Thailand)
Shu ZHANG (China)
Phan Dinh PHONG (Vietnam)
Current challenges of AF management in AsiaThoranis CHANTRARAT (Thailand)
Practical points on selection of noacs for patients with afand renal impairment: can we expect better renal outcome?Ronpichai CHOKESUWATTANASKUL (Thailand)
Practical points on selection of NOACs for patients with AF and elderlyTze-Fan CHAO (Taiwan)

Catheter Delivered Innovation (Cryo + Micra)
16:20 - 17:50Chairmans: Razali OMAR (Malaysia)
Sirin APIYASAWAT (Thailand)
Device selection dilemma: when to choose leadless over transvenousHung-Fat TSE (Hong Kong)
Leadless pacemaker in real world setting: unique case sharing across regionRussell DENMAN (Australia)
Kartikeya BHARGAVA (India)
Xingbin LIU (China)
Clinical implications on short tip balloon ablation catheterSurinder Khalae KAUR (Malaysia)
Experience of chinese expert consensus on ablation of atrial fibrillation via cryoballoon catheterLi-Qun WU (China)

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