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Friday, 30 Oct 2020
Room 1

The Heart Failure Patient from Implant to Remote Follow-up in 2020 & Beyond
09:30 - 10:30Chairman: Swee-Chong SEOW (Singapore)
CRT implant tips and tricksKatherine FAN (Hong Kong)
Post CRT implant, managing your heart failure patients remotely in 2020 and beyondGrant SHALABY (Australia)

Market Access for Arrhythmia Management
10:50 - 12:20Chairman: Jayaprakash SHENTHAR (India)
Skill building: Best practices to enhance skill level of cardiologists in IndiaV S PRAKASH (India)
Arun CHOPRA (India)
Care pathway: best practices to resolve broken patient pathway in the continuum of careAnil SAXENA (India)
Ajay NAIK (India)
Ajit THACHIL (India)
Reimbursement: universal health scheme – Are we addressing the unmet health needs yet?Nitish NAIK (India)
Market Apt products:- Accelerate innovations to bring products/services for the emerging marketsDilip KUMAR (India)
Arun GOPI (India)

His-Purkinje System Pacing
12:40 - 14:10Chairmans: Wei HUA (China)
Swee-Chong SEOW (Singapore)
Tarlochan KLER (India)
Weijian HUANG (China)
How to confirm the capture the left bundle branch pacingWeijian HUANG (China)
Left bundle branch pacing: characteristics and implant skillsKeping CHEN
Cardiac resynchronization by His bundle pacing and role of HOT CRTNarasimhan CALAMBUR (India)
His bundle pacing vs left bundle branch area pacing – when & whyUlhas PANDURANGI (India)
Conduction system pacing – Single center experienceShunmuga Sundaram PONNUSAMY (India)
Singapore single center experience (Interesting case sharing)Pipin KOJODJOJO (Singapore)
Novel approach to left bundle branch pacingJiangang ZOU (China)

How Safe is NOAC? Evidence of Real World Experience
14:30 - 16:00Chairmans: Wee-Siong TEO (Singapore)
Chen-Chuan CHENG (Taiwan)
Kok-Wei KOH (Malaysia)
Optimize your AF patient journey: World evidence of NOAC and updates of HK local registryChung-Wah SIU (Hong Kong)
Renal outcome of NOAC: An Asian perspectiveAlex Pui-Wai LEE (Hong Kong)
From trials to practices: The importance of reversal strategy on NOACMartin STILES (New Zealand)

Advancing S-ICD through Clinical Evidence & Contemporary Implant Management in Asia Pacific
16:20 - 17:50Chairmans: Wei HUA (China)
Bo-Young JOUNG (Republic of Korea)
The PRAETORIAN trial; S-ICD vs TV-ICD 4-year results of the landmark head-to-head studyReinoud KNOPS (Netherlands)
UNTOUCHED data; safety and efficacy in primary prevention patients with low EFMichael GOLD (USA)
The current landscape of S-ICD in Asia PacificHung-Fat TSE (Hong Kong)
Tips and tricks for the optimal S-ICD implantation in the Asian patientHiroshi NAKAJIMA (Japan)

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